Windmill Windmill Since: 0.2.0


The Windmill is a passive generator. Like the Water Wheel you need to
place a Rotary Generator and attach the windmill to the side of it. It
then generates energy based on conditions listed bellow.


Tier Storage Size Fuel Output
WindMill 40,000 Re Yes 75 Re/t


Inserting the Windmill into a Rotary Generator will place the wheel into
the world providing there is a 7x7x2 space in front of the generator.

By default the generator will try to place the windmill on its North
face, to change the face simply right click on an empty generator with a
Water Wheel or Windmill.

The Windmill’s power output is dependant on the amount of free space
surrounding it. With no blocks in front or behind it for 10 blocks it
will generate 75 Re per tick. Any blocks in this area will reduce the
amount generated. The faster the windmill is spinning the more power is
being generated.

Power Grid

This Rotary Generator can be connected to a Power Grid, this will allow
it to distribute energy across the grid.

Breaking and Placing

To remove the Windmill either remove the item from the Rotary Generator
or break the generator.

To place either right click on a side face of the generator with the
Windmill or place it inside a rotary generator.

Redstone Control

The generator can be disabled by providing a redstone siginal to the
block. This will disable energy transfer in and out of the block.


Windmill Recipe