Solid Fuel Generator Solid Fuel Generator Since: 0.1.0


The Solid Fuel Generator burns fuel like a furnace to generate energy,
this can be used to power machines, stored in cells, or distributed
across a Power Grid.


Tier Storage Size Fuel Output
Iron 40,000 Re Yes 80 Re/t


Once placed right clicking will open the GUI allowing you to insert a
fuel. An valid minecraft furnace fuel can be used in the generator. This
will fill its internal energy battery and also output on configured

Placing a hopper pointing into this block will allow you to insert fuel
into it automatically.

Power Grid

This block can be connected to a Power Grid, this will allow it to distribute energy across the grid.

Breaking and Placing

Solid Fuel Generator can be instantly broken by any tool including
player hand instantly (this will be changed in the future).

When placed this block is directional so will face the same direction
the player is looking. It can’t face UP or DOWN, but can face any other

Redstone Control

A Solid Fuel Generator can be disabled by providing a redstone siginal
to the block. This will disable energy transfer in and out of the block.


Solid Fuel Generator Recipe