Solar Panel Solar Panel Since: 0.2.0


Solar Panels produce energy from sunlight. To work they need the sun to
be up and have direct line of sight to the sky.


Tier Storage Size Fuel Output
Basic Solar Panel 50,000 Re No 20 Re/t
Solar Panel 200,000 Re No 80 Re/t
Compacted Solar Panel 800,000 Re No 320 Re/t
Solar Array 1,600,000 Re No 640 Re/t


Once placed right clicking will open the GUI showing the status, output
configuration and power in the generator. The panel will generate power
when it is day time and there are no light blocking blocks above it.

Maximum power is generated at noon, with less power being generated
earlier and later in the day.

Use the output configuration in the GUI to set what faces the generator
will output power to.

Power Grid

This block can be connected to a Power Grid, this will allow it to
distribute energy across the grid.

Breaking and Placing

Solar Panels can be instantly broken by any tool including player hand
instantly (this will be changed in the future).

Solar panels place the same as any block.

Redstone Control

Solar Panels can be disabled by providing a redstone siginal to the
block. This will disable energy transfer in and out of the block.


Basic Solar Panel Recipe

Solar Panel Recipe

Compacted Solar Panel Recipe

Solar Array Recipe