Sickle Sickle Since: 0.2.0


This tool can be used to destory large areas of annoy Tall Grass, or
harvest crops, plants and flowers.

Left click will use the tool and break plants on the same level in a
radius based on the tools level.


Tier Durability Attack Speed Attack Damage Harvest Radius
Wood 59 1.4 3.5 Hearts 2 Blocks
Stone 131 1.4 4.5 Hearts 4 Blocks
Copper 200 1.4 4.5 Hearts 6 Blocks
Iron 250 1.4 5.5 Hearts 6 Blocks
Steel 320 1.4 6 Hearts 8 Blocks
Gold 32 1.4 3.5 Hearts 12 Blocks
Diamond 1561 1.4 6.5 Hearts 10 Blocks


Left Click a plant, flower, crow or tall grass to break. It will break
all plants on the same y level in a radius around.


Wood Sickle Recipe

Stone Sickle Recipe

Iron Sickle Recipe

Steel Sickle Recipe

Gold Sickle Recipe

Diamond Sickle Recipe