Magnatisation Table Magnatisation Table Since: 0.2.0


The Magnetising Table is a manual version that requires no Energy. A
Engineers Hammer is used to hit it and progress the crafting.


Tier Storage Size Speed Energy Usage Max Recieve
Magnetisation Table N/A Click Speed N/A N/A


The Magnetisation Table is an unpowered machine with no GUI. Once
placed, hold an iron ingot and right click the top of the table to place
the iron on the table.

Craft an Engineers Hammer, you can use this to left click the top of the
table to hit it. This will create particles showing you progress. After
a few hits the item will become magnetised which can be seen by
particles and item change.

Breaking and Placing

Magnetisation Table can be instantly broken by any tool including player hand
instantly (this will be changed in the future).

Redstone Control

When a Block Breaker receives a redstone pulse, if it can, it will break
the block in front of it.

A Redstone Pulse counts as the block having a direct redstone power
level of 0 and then anything above 0 will cause it to trigger.


Magnatisation Table Recipe