Getting Started


Craftory is all about extending Minecraft while maintaining a high level of aesthetics and completeness that is normally only seen in mods, making it unique, as it pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved.

Craftory Tech is all about machines, most of which are powered by energy, called Redstone Energy (Re). There are many different machines including Electric Furnace, Electric Foundry for combining materials, Energy Cell for storing energy, Generators for making it and even a Power Grid system which allows transferring energy with LASER BEAMS!

Craftory Tech is currently in ALPHA, we have many more features and machines planned, including improvements to our existing ones.

First Steps

Step 1 - Collecting Materials

Craftory Tech introduces a lot of new items and machines to the game, all these will require lots of resources to build. So the first step is to get through early game of Minecraft and gather resources.

While looking for resources you should focus on gathering Iron, Charcoal and also Copper.

Step 2 - An In-Game Guide

So now you have a lot of resource, but what next. A good tip would be to get a recipe book, this is an item added by Craftory Tech and contains every recipe in the plugin, it will be your go to guide.

On some servers you may receive a Recipe Book as soon as you join the server, if not, they are easy to craft. Fill a 3x3 crafting table with dirt to craft one. If you have permission you can also use the “/cr recipebook” command to bring up the interface too.

Step 3 - Early Processing

Most machines and items require Steel Ingots and Magnetized Iron, but how do you get these. Well Steel, one of the core ingredients can be made in a Foundry. There are different types of Foundries, but as we don’t have an energy to power machines yet, we will need an Iron Foundry. This is the version of the foundry that doesn’t require energy, only coal.

Steel Ingots

Craft and place the Iron Foundry down on the ground. Due to a limitation machines can only face north. Right click the machine to open it’s interface. Foundry Interface There are three slots on the left (inputs) and one slot on the right (output). The recipe for Steel is Iron Ingots and Charcoal, place these in the top two slots and place your fuel in the bottom slot.

When a machine is processing the red energy lighting bolt will begin to animate showing that it is working. You can track it’s process like any other furnace in minecraft by looking at how full the white / grey arrow is.

Magnatised Iron

Before we can start making machines that use energy, we need one more thing, Magnatised Iron. This can be made in a Magnatiser, but again, we don’t have energy yet so we have to use the non powered version.

Craft a Engineers Hammer and a Magnatisation Table. Place the table down on the ground. You may notice this machine has non interface, instead of fuel, your going to have to put a bit of effort in.

Right click the table with a Iron Ingot in your hand will place it on top of the table. Using the Engineers Hammer you just crafted hit the top of the table (left click with hammer). As you do this you will see particles will appear showing you it’s working and after multiple hits it will become Magnetised Iron that you can right click to pick up.

I know these processes are slow now, but soon we can make Electric Foundries and Magnatiser to speed this up and automate it!

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