Excavator Excavator Since: 0.2.3


This powered tool is used to quickly break a 3x3 area of soft blocks.
The excavator is slower than a shovel but breaks up to 9 blocks at once.


Tier Capacity Mining Speed (Relative to hand) Attack Damage
Iron 30000 Re 1.8x 2 Hearts
Gold 10000 Re 2.4x 3 Hearts
Diamond 100000 Re 2.7x 4 Hearts
Netherite 200000 Re 3.6x 5 Hearts


The excavator is used the same as shovels. It is most effective on
blocks like sand and dirt.

The excavator, like power hammers will break a 3x3 area around the
broken block (perpendicular to the direction it is hit from). Only
blocks the excavator can break (Dirt, Sand…) will be broken by this

Before use the excavator must be charged. To charge place it in the
charging slot in any cell, the higher tier cells charge faster.

100 energy is consumed for each block broken, mining a 3x3 square will
consume 900 energy.


Iron Excavator Recipe

Gold Excavator Recipe

Diamond Excavator Recipe

Netherite Excavator Recipe