Electric Furnace Electric Furnace Since: 0.1.0


Electric Furnaces perform all functions of a normal Minecraft furnace,
but require power rather than fuel.


Tier Storage Size Speed Energy Usage
Iron 5000 Re Base 20 Re/t
Gold 10,000 Re +25% 30 Re/t
Diamond 25,000 Re +50% 50 Re/t
Emerald 50,000 Re 75% 100 Re/t


Right clicking on the block will open the GUI. The furnace functions the
same as a regular minecraft furnace. For the furnace to smelt items, it
will need power provided to it. This can be done by either linking it to
a Power Grid, or placing a Generator or Power Cell with enough power and
its output configuration setup to output towards the furnace.

Power Grid

Electric Furnaces can be connected to a power grid with a power
connector, as with all machines. Foundries have the same priority as
other machines, power on the grid will be evenly distributed to all

Breaking and Placing

Furnaces can be instantly broken by any tool including player hand
instantly (this will be changed in the future).

When placed the block will not face the direction the player was facing,
it will orient its self to always face North (this will be changed in
the future).

Redstone Control

A Foundry can be disabled by providing a redstone siginal to the block.
This will disable energy transfer in and out of the block.


Iron Furnace Recipe

Gold Furnace Recipe

Diamond Furnace Recipe

Emerald Furnace Recipe