Version 0.6.0
Group Minecraft 1.17.1
Date 2021-10-09
Changelog Features:
‣ item-transport: add support for transport pipes #140
‣ recipes: change solid fuel generator recipe #149
‣ tools: add electric chainsaws #134
‣ translation: add Lithuanian translation
‣ resource-pack: reduce size by 27%
‣ resource-pack: overhaul resource pack system and host resource pack in main code repo for quicker development
‣ recipes: update solid fuel generator recipe

Bug Fixes:
‣ wires: wire distance works across world
‣ actions: update tagged release to java 16

‣ deps: bump mcMMO from 2.1.201 to 2.1.202

Note: In the TransportPipes config.yml you need to set resourcepack_mode: server